Specialty Laminates

Wilsonart® Specialty Laminates

Special projects deserve special laminates. Wilsonart’s innovation team has created a growing range of specialty surface solutions to give you even more choice than ever, including:

  • SOLICOR™: a specialty laminate created with a solid color core – eliminating the troublesome “brown line” of traditional laminates.
  • RE-COVER™: an innovative new option for laminate combining a pre-applied adhesive to HPL or LPL to quickly update a dated design.
  • Chemsurf®: for environments where chemicals and harsh cleaners are used, providing exceptional chemical resistance without sacrificing design or style.
  • Fire-Rated: this long-lasting, beautiful laminate meets or exceeds fire codes and comes in a wide range of patterns and colors.
  • High-Wear: low-cost and built to take the extra wear that comes with high traffic commercial projects, this laminate boasts more than five times the industry standard for abrasion resistance.
  • Decorative Metals: a high-tech hybrid of industrial flair and sophisticated design.
  • Compact: available in over 200 designs, this laminate delivers durability for high-impact surfaces such as lockers and cabinets, elevator cabs and toilet partitions.
  • Chalkboard and Markerboard: the ideal laminate writing surface for classrooms, business and administrative offices, message centers, athletic facilities, or as a menu board.
  • Traceless™: laminate with fingerprint-resistant technology ensures smears, smudges and streaks are almost never seen. Accompanied by a smooth and silky texture, your senses will swoon over this velvety, super matte surface.  Ideal for the most demanding applications and available in five stunning neutrals, Traceless™ is the perfect surface solution for those with the highest standards.

For more information on Wilsonart Specialty Laminates, visit:   http://www.wilsonart.com/specialty-laminate-surfaces