Sleek and modern… ergonomic…a multitude of application and design options… All from the industry’s leading brands!

A new generation of hinges, drawer slides, shelving and a multitude of other hardware and accessories are helping transform today’s homes and workplaces, kitchens and baths, offices and rec rooms. Quiet, clean, compact, and exceedingly ergonomic, new hardware options are performing more roles than ever for businesses and consumers seeking greater efficiency, better utilization and sleek, modern designs for their spaces.

Whatever your hardware needs — there’s nothing easier than Aetna. We’re your single source for the best brands so that we can add the most value, deliver more options, and offer the highest quality. Better yet, we have more product in stock and available today. Your Hardware solution has never been closer than Aetna. See for yourself:

Deerwood Fasteners International: A leading supplier of high quality fasteners manufactured exclusively for woodworking applications, headquartered in Conover, NC. Products include hinge and hardware screws in a variety of finishes, zip drivers (Self- drilling, self-countersinking assembly screws), painted head cabinet installation screws, decking screws, face frame screws, drawer front adjuster screws and much, much more. You’ll find them at Aetna:

Woodworking Fasteners: Assembly Screws pg. 9, 10, 11, 12, 13
Woodworking Fasteners: Cabinet Installation Screws pg. 18
Woodworking Fasteners: Confirmat Screws pg. 16
Woodworking Fasteners: Countertop Connecting Screws
Woodworking Fasteners: Drawer Front Adjustment Screws pg. 7
Woodworking Fasteners: Euro Screws pg. 4
Woodworking Fasteners: Frace Frame/Pocket Screws pg. 8
Woodworking Fasteners: Hardware Screws pg. 2, 4
Woodworking Fasteners: Machine Screws pg. 6, 7


Knape & Vogt (KV): KV is a global leader specializing in the manufacture of precision, euro-style and utility slide systems; wall-attached shelving for commercial, home and garage applications; kitchen, closet and bath storage; office and healthcare ergonomics products and specialty hardware. You’ll find them at Aetna:

Drawer Sliding Systems: Ball Bearing; ¾ Extension 75 LB. pg. 37
Drawer Sliding Systems: Ball Bearing; Full Extension 100 LB. pg. 40
Drawer Sliding Systems: Ball Bearing; Full Extension 100 LB. Economy pg. 41
Drawer Sliding Systems: Ball Bearing; Full Extension 100 LB. Soft Close pg. 45, 47
Drawer Sliding Systems: Ball Bearing; Full Extension 200 LB. pg. 56, 57
Drawer Sliding Systems: Ball Bearing; Full Extension 500 LB. pg. 59
Drawer Sliding Systems: Ball Bearing; Specialty Applications pg. 37, 42, 44, 48-49, 51-52, 60, 142
Door Systems: Barn Door Hardware  
Door Systems: Sliding Door Hardware pg. 252-256
Kitchen Accessories: Waste/Recycle Pull-Outs pg. 116-120
Kitchen Accessories: Polymer Lazy Susans pg. 121, 122
Kitchen Accessories: Pantry Pull-Outs pg. 123, 124
Kitchen Accessories: Blind Corner Storage pg. 126
Kitchen Accessories: Sink Front Tip Trays pg. 127-130
Shelving Hardware Systems: Standards & Brackets pg. 169-174

Liberty Hardware: Since 1948, Liberty Hardware has built its reputation by offering high quality decorative and functional hardware products at an exceptional value. The company proudly offers its extensive line of hardware products through home centers, retailers and distribution channels across the country. Here’s what’s available from Aetna:

Decorative Knobs & Pulls: Avante Decorative Collection (pg. 183-185)
Decorative Knobs & Pulls: Ashtyn Collection (pg. 190)
Decorative Knobs & Pulls: Builders Decorative Collection (pg. 192)
Decorative Knobs & Pulls: Cabinet Shop Decorative Collection (pg. 182)
Decorative Knobs & Pulls: Chrome Highlights Decorative Collection (pg. 188)
Decorative Knobs & Pulls: Forged Iron Collection (pg. 186)
Decorative Knobs & Pulls: Wire & Bow Pulls (pg. 193)

Salice: Established in 1989, Salice America, Charlotte, NC, reflects the leadership claimed by the European parent company for over 50 years. A complete product line of concealed hinges, drawer slides and sliding door systems has made our company the technology leader of the market, a never ending task requiring solid engineering and innovative mentality. The technological and industrial edge together with a complete, prompt and efficient order processing system has made Salice the best business partner for Aetna and thousands of end users. Here’s what’s available from Aetna:

Concealed Hinges: Concealed Overlay & Inset Series 200 Hinges (pg. 78-80)
Concealed Hinges: 165 DEG. Series 200 Hinges (pg. 81)
Concealed Hinges: Special Application Series 200 Hinges (pg. 82 & 83)
Concealed Hinges: Concealed Hinges for Thick Doors (pg. 84)
Concealed Hinges: Concealed Silentia Soft Close Hinges (pg. 85-87)
Concealed Hinges: Concealed Push to Open Hinges (pg. 88)
Decorative Knobs & Pulls: Face Frame Self-Closing Hinges (pg. 95-96)
Concealed Hinges: Face Frame Soft Close Silentia Hinges (pg. 94 & 96)
Concealed Hinges: Mounting Plates (pg. 90-93)
Concealed Hinges: Hinge Accessories (pg. 89, 97-99)
Drawer Slides: Cam Adjustable Euro Slide (pg. 33)
Drawer Slides: Futura Soft Close Undermount Slide (pg. 61-62)
Kitchen Accessories: Vibo Fly Moon Lazy Susan (pg. 110-111)
Kitchen Accessories: Vibo Maxi Pull-Out Pantry (pg. 114)
Kitchen Accessories: Vibo Pull Out Drawers (pg. 109 & 96)
Kitchen Accessories: Vibo Pull Out Base and Organizer Units (pg. 106-107)
Kitchen Accessories: Vibo Rotating Pull-Out Pantry (pg. 112-113, 97-99)
Kitchen Accessories: Vibo Soft Close Waste Pull-Outs (pg. 115)

U.S. Futaba, Inc: For over 30 years, U.S. Futaba, Inc. has worked to bring the best in functional and decorative hardware to the North American marketplace. Today, from its facilities in Santa Ana, CA and Chesapeake, VA, U.S. Futaba is an exceptionally dependable source for a growing array of some of the best hardware solutions available. Here’s what’s available from Aetna:

Closet Rods & Brackets: Closet Rods Oval-Aluminum pg. 163
Closet Rods & Brackets: Closet Rods Round-Aluminum pg. 164
Closet Rods & Brackets: Closet Rods Hourglass-Aluminum pg. 166
Closet Rods & Brackets: Closet Rods Oval-Steel pg. 165
Closet Rods & Brackets: Closet Rods Round-Steel pg. 165
Closet Rods & Brackets: Closet Rod Supports pg. 163-166
Drawer Slides: Ball Bearing Slides-Dynaslide pg. 36, 38, 147
Drawer Slides: Ball Bearing Slides Full Ext. 100 LB. Class pg. 38-39, 46, 50
Drawer Slides: Ball Bearing Slides Full Ext. 130 LB. Class pg. 55
Drawer Slides: Ball Bearing Slides 150 LB. Class LF pg. 53
Drawer Slides: Ball Bearing Slides 200 LB. Class pg. 53
Drawer Slides: Euro Slide-Harn 3/4″ Ext. 100 LB. pg. 32
Drawer Slides: Metal Drawer Systems-3/4 Ext. 100 LB. pg. 68-71
Ergonomics: Keyboard Trays, Arms, & Pencil Drawers pg. 148-149
Furniture Hardware: Adjustable Leg Levelers pg. 273
Furniture Hardware: Magnetic Catches pg. 150-151
Furniture Hardware: Non-Magenetic Catches pg. 152-153
Furniture Hardware: Shelf Supports pg. 178-180
Locks: Removable Core Locking Systems pg. 72-75
Locks: Cam Locks pg. 156
Locks: Drawer Locks pg. 156-157
Locks: Gang Locks pg. 157
Brackets: Closet & Shelf Support Brackets pg. 167
Brackets: Shelf Brackets Heavy Duty pg. 177
Brackets: Work Station Brackets Surface Mount pg. 175
Brackets: Work Station Brackets Concealed pg. 176
Brackets: Work Station Brackets Hybrid pg. 177

3M: 3M began as an abrasives manufacturer. For more than a century, they have refined their original technologies and complemented them with breakthrough inventions. The result is a comprehensive range of abrasives that cut, grind, shape, finish, and polish with ease and precision. 3M also excels in curable adhesives, epoxies and the equipment you need to apply them all safely and effectively. You’ll find them at Aetna:

Abrasives: Abrasive Belts pg. 214-217
Abrasives: Abrasive Discs pg. 205-212, 220
Abrasive Sheets, Pads & Belts: Abrasive Pads pg. 212-213, 316-317
Abrasive Sheets, Pads & Belts: Abrasive Sheets & Sponges pg. 218-219
Production Equipment & Supplies: Adhesives & Applicators pg. 221-222, 224, 328-329
Production Equipment & Supplies: Lubricants pg. 320, 321, 325
Production Equipment & Supplies: Orbital Sanders pg. 325
Production Equipment & Supplies: Tape pg. 313-315
Safety Equipment: Bump on Protective Bumpers pg. 320
Safety Equipment: Earmuffs & Plugs pg. 311
Safety Equipment: Safety Gloves pg. 312

The Complete Hardware System: In addition to offering all these major brands and their respective products, Aetna is your source for the complete hardware system: everything from accessories to adhesives, bits and blades, casters and levelers, locks to lighting and all the other components you might need to round out your next project.

For the complete Aetna Hardware product offering, view and/or download your Aetna Hardware Catalog by clicking HERE.

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