Timber Products

Timber Products Company is one of the nation’s largest and most respected manufacturers of a comprehensive range of wood products, and manufactures a full range of hardwood lumber and veneer from timber harvested in Michigan, Wisconsin, Vermont, New York and Canada. Known as the “maple king” of the industry, the Hardwood Veneer Division of Timber Products is the top producer of the highest-quality rotary cut maple and other hardwood veneers. Today, all of their hardwood veneer is produced under the GreenT™ label, which means it’s environmentally certified and meets the toughest emission regulations in the world. They also offer particleboard and MDF core materials and Apex, a line of composite panels with superior strength and physical properties, such as an extra-smooth finish and a homogeneous core for enhanced machinability.

For more information on Timber Products, visit: www.timberproducts.com/products/panels/hardwood-plywood