Overview: Import Hardwood and Softwood Plywood

While domestic hardwood plywood represents the majority of Aetna’s product array, we offer a growing selection of Import Hardwood and Softwood Plywood from Africa, South America, Russia and China. Products range from decorative premium grades to common industrial grades. Import Hardwood and Softwood Plywood is often an ideal solution for applications where a preferred veneer species is not available domestically, or where project economy is of paramount importance.

Here are some examples of what you’ll find in stock at Aetna today:

  • Kirei: dedicated to providing beautiful, sustainable, functional design materials.
  • Arauco Radiata Pine Plywood: 100% Radiata Pine for consistent quality and performance.
  • Russian Birch: An all-birch plywood which is multi-ply and practically void free.
  • Chinese Birch: Economy panel.
  • Meraniti: High quality.
  • Italian Poplar: Light weight.
  • Balsa: Lightest weight.
  • All ply: Available in many over-size panels.